Industrial technology

Our efficient products and solutions are well-received in industrial technology. Senior Flexonics has had partnerships in this industrial sector for many decades. Our products include Turboflex® stainless steel corrugated hoses, Berghöfer high-performance expansion joints with and without PTFE lining, metal bellows, trace heating, double-walled pipes, inner hose piping, FLEXFLON® PTFE hoses and high-pressure hoses.
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Our products for you at a glance:


Metal corrugated hoses

Senior Flexonics metal corrugated hoses are developed and manufactured for all areas of application in the most diverse designs. We precisely define each hose construction for you.

Metal expansions joints

Our expansion joints are essential components for efficient piping systems. During operation, they compensate for any arising expansion, oscillations or vibrations. They are recalculated and optimally designed for each application.

Metal bellows

Senior Flexonics metal bellows absorb axial, angular and lateral expansions without losing their agility. They have a long service life and withstand movements, pressures, temperatures and corrosion.

Agraflex® stainless steel

Stripwound hoses

Stripwound hoses from Senior Flexonics are characterised by a specially high mechanical strength. They easily withstand high tensile stresses. The high-quality material guarantees enormous reliability.



Flexflon-PTFE-Corrugated-Hoses are mainly used for the transport of various liquids and gases and thus suited for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. The benefit is high operational safety in these fields of application.