Biomass is used in solid, liquid and gaseous forms for electricity and heat generation and for the production of biofuels. Senior Flexonics in bioenergy supplies high-quality technology products that work under extremely difficult operating conditions with problems such as corrosion, pipe stresses and embrittlement.

Our flexible, metallic components in biogas plants are mostly used:

  • for the transport of biogas
  • in the piping of turbines
  • for the compensation of temperature influences


Biomass (plant materials) gets its energy from the sun. Plants absorb solar energy through the process of photosynthesis. If the plants are burned, the stored solar energy is released. There are two main approaches in the use of biomass: The cultivation of plants specifically for energy production and use of plant residues.


In Brazil, bioethanol made from sugar cane is available throughout the country. There are two types of fuel at a typical service station in Sao Paulo: Bioethanol and petrol. The biofuels include a large number of fuels derived from biomass: solid biomass, liquid fuels and various biogases. Liquid fuels include bio-alcohols, such as bioethanol and biodiesel. The gaseous biofuels include biogas, landfill gas and synthetic gas.